Welcome to HALPRI International Solutions
Welcome to HALPRI International Solutions


Our Mission

    To assist customers in providing low cost tooling with professional grade engineering while compressing lead times and overcoming the obstacles associated with offshore tooling. We also provide sourcing needs for just about anything in high volumes. You need it, we can find it & Source it!


    HALPRI was founded in 2016 by Plastics Engineers, each one having over 30 years of experience in the industry. The U.S. headquarters is located in Eaton, OHIO.

The Competitive Advantage

    • Integrity driven professionals committed to our clients.
    • Full transparency.
    • Operational focus allows our clients to concentrate on growing their top line business.
    • Eliminates the high cost of managing overseas activities.
    • Talented & Dedicated U.S. and Asia team for every client.
    • Experienced Project Managers based in the U.S. with 30 years of Plastics Engineering, Material Selection, Processing and Design Experience.
    • Access to a design group with extensive experience with all types of complex injection mold designs.
    • Access to QC inspection group comprised of experienced Mold Makers.
    • Access to Mold flow technicians with experience in all types of materials and processes.
    • Access to Process Technicians with expertise in all types of materials and products.
    • Refined project management systems.
    • Reduced Lead Times. One Business week for design plus a Nine week build time regardless of mold size & complexity.
    • Access to Fully equipped U.S. tool shop for warranty and repair work.

    HALPRI would like to express to our Current Customer's that we have a tremendous

amount of Gratitude for allowing us to serve you during these unusual times.

    We Greatly Appreciate your Business, Thank You!!!

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