Welcome to HALPRI International Solutions
Welcome to HALPRI International Solutions

Mold Classifications

Standard Mold Classifications

    Standard molds are defined by the Plastics Industry Association (formerly known as the Society of Plastics Industry or SPI). These mold standards are categorized into five classifications to guide quotes and orders into uniform mold types:

Classification Cycles Level of Production Uses Investment
Class 101 Mold 1 million or more Extremely high Extremely high production and fast cycle times Class 101 molds are the highest priced and made with only the highest quality materials
Class 102 Mold Not exceeding 1 million Medium to high Good for parts with abrasive materials and/or tight tolerances Class 102 molds are fairly high priced and made with materials of high quality
Class 103 Mold Not exceeding 500,000 Medium A very popular mold for low to medium production parts Class 103 molds fall within common price ranges
Class 104 Mold Not exceeding 100,000 Low Good for limited-production parts with non-abrasive materials Class 104 molds fall within low to moderate price ranges
Class 105 Mold Not exceeding 500 Very low Prototype only Class 105 molds are built inexpensively to produce a very limited number of product prototypes

    HALPRI International Solutions Specializes in Classifications 101, 102 & 103, however we have access to all Five Classifications and will serve any of them that you require.

    HALPRI would like to express to our Current Customer's that we have a tremendous

amount of Gratitude for allowing us to serve you during these unusual times.

    We Greatly Appreciate your Business, Thank You!!!

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